The Equestrian Center


Natural Horsemanship & Traditional Training

The Equestrian Center offers many levels and styles of Horse Training, ranging from Natural Horsemanship methods to traditional training in multiple disciplines. We also offer Colt Starting and Finishing.


We offer Full Care stall board with complete use of all facilities.

    Full Board includes:
        -12X12 Stall with 12x24 Run attached
        -Daily turn out
        -Daily mucking
        -Fed hay and grain 3x a day

10 minutes from Eglin Reservation, with plenty of beautiful, scenic trails to ride on. Large LIGHTED indoor/outdoor arena with jumps and barrels, ready for any discipline.

Easy Keeper (up to 1 scoop/feeding)                                  $400

Average (up to 2 scoop/feeding)                                         $440

Thoroughbred/Warmblood (up to 3 scoops per feeding)     $480

Hard Keepers (up to 4 scoops per feeding)                         $520

Additional grain (per scoop/feeding/month)                         $40

Additional hay (per flake/feeding/month)                             $75    

Stall Fan power                                                                   $15

Blanketing                                                                           $30       


Horse -

7 days per week - $500.00/month

3 days per week - $300.00/month


Small - $25/month

Large - $50/month