Smoke is an Off The Track Thoroughbred - a realWar Horse with over 90 starts - smart and game, she's a favorite in the barn.

Mini Love

The main hits at birthday parties, the minis at TEC are a great introduction to horses for little folk.  Sweet and always ready for a treat, Mini B & Chip love carrots and scratches. 




Mattie is a gaited red roan Tennessee Walker, and is as smooth as silk when you ride her.   She offers a different riding and learning experience for our students to expand their repertoire!


Storm specializes in dressage, jumping, and loving on her favorite student, Rachel. She is a Quarter Horse mare that came to TEC as a five year old.

Teddy  & Monty

Teddy & Monty are two Off The Track Thoroughbreds from Louisiana.


Ozzy is an Appaloosa, "Naturally Impulsive"  is his registered name, but his ride is smooth and sweet.

Horses We Have Loved


Paisley Grace

Paisley Grace is a  favorite in our lesson program - gentle and sweet, almost everyone starts with her.


Captain was foaled in July 2015.  He is 5 panel negative and out of Impressive bloodlines.  His grandfather, Coco, stood at the Equestrian Center.


Thee Journey

Son of Thee Desperado, Journey is a favorite Sporthorse jumper for our intermediate and experienced riders.

Karmah & Onyx

Karmah  & Onyx came to TEC as colts. Both beautiful Arabians with outstanding bloodlines.  


Phoenix is the grand dame of the barn. She is a favorite for shows, because she hunts, she jumps, she does Western Pleasure. She knows her job, and she does it well.


Bailey is Phoenix's daughter, born at the Equestrian Center. She is a personable favorite and is a tall, beautiful Quarter Horse mare!


Phoenix was born at The Equestrian Center, and she has two babies here, Paddy & Bailey. Phoenix is trained in English & Western.

Suddenly Blessed

Suddenly, or Suds as he is affectionately known, is a beautiful Thoroughbred and a joy to ride.


Brigand is a perennial favorite, both in the show ring and the lesson ring.  Brigand has a habit of perusing pockets to find treats.


  • Dressage
  • Show Jumping

  • Equitation

  • Western Pleasure

  • Cross Country

  • Combined Training

  • Geldings

  • Mares

  • Foals

Janet Evans

Janet began her riding career in 1966 with Vicki Hart and hasn’t stopped since. As a child, she rode Western, Hunters, ran barrels and showed a built up Tennessee Walker. As an adult, Janet took up Dressage, more Hunters; and who can resist the thrill of Eventing or the beauty of an AQHA halter horse. She has studied with many of the top riders and trainers in the country in multiple disciplines and enjoys sharing that knowledge with others.

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