Instructing & Inspiring tomorrow's champions, both human & equine.

November 15 - 17, 2019

Coming from the finest of bloodlines, we choose, breed and train our horses to be the champions that they are. With careful attention paid to the mind of our horses, we ensure the finest qualities are bred into our partners. Then, rigorous training starts as soon as our foals are able to run, ingraining in them the love of the sport and trust in humans. We offer a wide variety of horse and pony types. Draft, Thoroughbreds, Quarter Horses, Arabians, Miniatures are also available. We have a wide variety of horses and ponies, for every skill level rider.

Great Riders & Great Horses don't just happen. It takes a well-trained horse & rider to rise to the challenge. That's where we come in.

Welcome to The Equestrian Center, located in beautiful Fort Walton Beach, Florida. We have over 45 years experience in the equestrian field. Offering horseback riding lessons for beginner through advanced riders, horse boarding, training, birthday parties, and camps. We teach all of our students from the ground up, to ensure safety.   Very active in horse shows for our competitive riders, The Equestrian Center helped produce some of the area's finest riders developing a life long passion for horses.  To schedule a barn tour or if you have questions, feel free to call us at (850)863-3295.

Inspiring the Love of Horsemanship

Making the  World a Better Place for Horses,

One Human at a Time.

Rider Biomechanics Clinic conducted by Stephanie Mosely, The Empowered Rider


Come ride with Stephanie!!  Her eye for balance "sees" the little things that can make a huge difference in the rider's effectiveness and thus, the horse's way of going.  Stephanie gives riders the tools they need to ride well, thus The Empowered Rider.

This 3-day clinic offers a synergistic learning opportunity for riders and their horses.

  • one lesson daily
  • 1-hour lecture/theory session
  • riders invited to audit other sessions 

Rider Biomechanics taught by accredited Mary Wanless Coach Stephanie Mosely. Learn how to have a positive influence on your horse. Classical and Western Dressage riders welcome. Contact Stephanie for more info 706-201-8940 or

Payment reserves your place in the clinic: